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Question about Tokugawa
Topic Started: Jan 9 2018, 09:34 AM (231 Views)
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Hi, first of all i'm new to the forum so hello everyone!

Okay i'm writing this topic because as a big fan of japanese history i am planing to tattoo some japanese art on my skin. I was planing to tatto myself a bannerman or a samurai from clan Tokugawa.

My question is; What were the exact colors of the Tokugawa mon? Theres plenty around the internet and i wanna make sure i get the right ones hehe. Also were the Tokugawa bannermen wearing any particular color as their uniforms? I'm aware that when Tokugawas fielded an army there were plenty of vassals and it was full of different colors but i'm speaking as for the Tokugawa colors on their men specifically.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi TokuGowa, I'm new as well so I thought I'd say hello.

Specifying a particular period will assist knowing people in answering you about the colour's worn by the clan. For instance in 1853, one of the Perry expedition noted that the men rowing Bakufu boats were uniformed in stripes.
If you are looking at the Sengoku Jidai, try googling pictures of some of the battles and focus on looking at Japanese art respecting it. The Mon's on the banners should be easy to identify and will give you some idea of what to look for.
If the Edo period, Tokugawa iconography is generally quite prevalent, and again in prints and paintings of Bakufu officials you can usually spot the crest on the shoulders of Bushi class men.

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The Shogun

Evalerio would probably be the one to answer this. When I think "Kamon" I think black on white, but it's not my forté.
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Izumi no kami
Below is the Tokugawa mon.

It is the crest or mon that was recognized, and not any color on the crest itself. Though some clans were recognized for colors on their flags, these were 'backgrounds' for the crest to be displayed on. The Tokugawa heraldry is predominantly recognized as a black mon on white flags, like below:

One of the options that might help if you want color is to place the mon on a colored background like below:
Or use a gold mon outlined in black.

If you want something in color that says 'Tokugawa', the most recognizable one is the Great Standard or O Uma-jirushi used by Tokugawa Ieyasu, a huge golden folding fan:

As for uniform worn with or without armour by the Tokugawa men, there were no 'uniforms' early on. By the later Edo period there were what you might call 'uniformed' garments, but they would not have been distinctively Tokugawa except for the mon displayed and the same garments would have been worn by other clans with their own mon instead. The only true 'uniformed' unit in the Tokugawa army were the Ii 'Red Devils'. They wore red armor and garments, but they had their own mon and did not use the Tokugawa mon.

But if you don't have to adhere to it historically, the choice is almost limitless and up to you.

Edited by evalerio, Jan 10 2018, 10:58 PM.
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