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Forum Update / Change

Posted by kitsuno (Shogun) at Jun 26 2018, 05:01 AM. 6 comments

FYI - sometime in the next few months, the company that hosts this forum is going to transition to another company, so the format is probably going to radically change, some things might break, etc. But the posts and the database won't be affected. So don't be surprised if you log in one day and see a pretty unfamiliar look to the forum. If some of the enhancements that I've added over the years break, I'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Support the forum and podcast on Patreon

Posted by kitsuno (Shogun) at Mar 18 2017, 07:08 PM. 4 comments

I've set up a Patreon page for the podcast and forum. The basic concept is that you sign up, and donate $1, $2, or $5 per podcast episode, and depending on which tier, you get some "kickbacks". It's and easy and cheap way to support the costs of the website and podcast, and you only pay out when a new podcast episode is released. So if you're a poor grad student like me, for example, a 1$ pledge is probably going to cost you under $10 per year based on my current release schedule. Anyway, please check out the link, and please consider subscribing.


How to add an Avatar to your profile/posts

Posted by kitsuno (Shogun) at Nov 23 2016, 08:45 PM. One comment

I notice a lot of people haven't chosen Avatars, so in case people just don't know how, this is how you do it. Enjoy! There is a ton there (currently 645 avatars), and I'm still adding more as time permits.
Not to mention, it's a very good way for people to remember who you are on sight.

1. Add/Change avatar.
Hover over the "Preferences" menu on the upper right:

Posted Image

2. Choose the gallery that interests you.

Posted Image

3. Notice the page numbers on the bottom right, there are a lot of pages of avatars to check out.

Posted Image

Here's more detail from the FAQ:

Selecting an Avatar
To select an avatar from the default image gallery, follow these steps:

At the top of the forum, click the Preferences button.
In the Profile Options menu, select Change Avatar.
Enter any of the default galleries by clicking on the gallery name.
Once you have found an image from a gallery that you would like to use, simply click on it to add it as your avatar.

Forum header image contest -- now through Forever

Posted by kitsuno (Shogun) at Oct 4 2015, 09:09 AM. 12 comments

I think it's time to change up the header image on the forum, so here's the contest. Design a header image to replace the current image with an image with the same dimensions: 785x200
The image that fits the look of the forum the best will be chosen, although I reserve the right to not choose any if they don't fit what I'm looking for. I'll place the winner's URL or twitter handle of choice as well as name for an added bonus. I'll set the cutoff date at 11/1/2015. Feel free to enter as many times as you want, and post images to this thread whenever you're ready. Flex those photoshop muscles.

Posted Image

Minor forum consolodation

Posted by Samurai Archives Bot (Daimyo) at Aug 11 2015, 12:25 PM. 0 comments

The Japanese Entertainment forum is now a shell forum that will consolidate the related sub-forums:

The Samurai Film
Japanese Literature Forum
Anime, Manga & Gaming

Each of these sub forums can be posted in. The parent forum "Japanese Entertainment" no longer allows posting, refer to the applicable sub forum.

Statistics from the old forum

Posted by Samurai Archives Bot (Daimyo) at Aug 8 2015, 03:01 PM. 0 comments

This is a permanent archive of all our stats from the old forum, preserved here for history nerds to marvel at for all time.

From the old forum:

Day One Founding Members (May 4th, 2006)

100th Member:

200th Member:
Takeda Kabob

400th Member:

500th Member:
Divine Justice

First Member to reach "Ronin" rank:

First Member to reach "Bridge Guard" rank:

First Member to reach "Ashigaru" rank:

First Members to reach "Ninja" rank:
1. Shikisoku
2. Ashigaru
3. Tsubame1

First Members to reach "Samurai" rank:
1. Shikisoku
2. Ashigaru
3. Tsubame1

First Members to reach "Kibamusha" rank:
1. Shikisoku
2. Ashigaru
3. Tsubame1

First Member to reach "Taisho" rank:
1. Ashigaru
2. Shikisoku
3. niitsu kakunoshin
4. Tsubame1

First Member to reach "Izumi no kami" rank:
1. Ashigaru

First Members to 500 posts:
2. LtDomer98
3. Msr.Iaidoka
4. Nagaeyari
5. Shikisoku

First Members to 1000 posts:
2. LtDomer98
3. Nagaeyari
4. Msr.Iaidoka
5. Ashigaru

First Members to 2000 posts:
2. LtDomer98
3. Obenjo Kusanosuke
4. Tatsunoshi
5. Shikisoku

First Members to 3000 posts:
2. Obenjo Kusanosuke
3. Tatsunoshi
4. LtDomer98

10,000th post
12/01/06 posted by Nakashi

20,000th post
03/26/07 posted by Kitsuno

Top 5 posters of 2006:
1. Kitsuno
2. Msr. Iaidoka
3. Nagaeyari
4. LtDomer
5. Shikisoku

Top 10 posters after one year:
1. Kitsuno
2. LTDomer
3. Nagaeyari
4. Msr. Iaidoka
5. Ashigaru
6. Shikisoku
7. Tatsunoshi
8. Niitsu Kakunoshin
9. AJBryant
10. Tsubame1

Top 10 posters after two years:
1. Kitsuno
2. LTDomer
3. Obenjo Kusanosuke
4. Nagaeyari
5. Msr. Iaidoka
6. Shikisoku
7. Tatsunoshi
8. Ashigaru
9. Wave Tossed
10. AJBryant

Top 10 posters after three years:
1. Kitsuno - 6147
2. Obenjo Kusanosuke - 2947
3. LTDomer - 2764
4. Tatsunoshi - 2241
5. Shikisoku - 2038
6. Nagaeyari - 1948
7. Msr. Iaidoka - 1865
8. Ashigaru - 1830
9. Wave Tossed - 1628
10. AJBryant - 1452

Top 10 posters after four years:
1. Kitsuno - 6752
2. Obenjo Kusanosuke - 3905
3. Tatsunoshi - 3243
4. LTDomer - 3012
5. Shikisoku - 2114
6. Nagaeyari - 2037
7. Ashigaru - 1871
8. Msr. Iaidoka - 1865
9. AJBryant - 1717
10. Wave Tossed - 1698

Top 10 posters after five years:
1. Kitsuno - 7650
2. Obenjo Kusanosuke - 4330
3. Tatsunoshi - 3917
4. LTDomer - 3644
5. Shikisoku - 2148
6. Nagaeyari - 2134
7. Ashigaru - 1874
8. Msr. Iaidoka - 1865
9. AJBryant - 1717
10. Wave Tossed - 1698

Top 10 posters after six years:
1. Kitsuno - 8499
2. Obenjo Kusanosuke - 4386
3. LTDomer - 4337
4. Tatsunoshi - 4280
5. Shikisoku - 2291
6. Nagaeyari - 2252
7. Ashigaru - 1874
8. Msr. Iaidoka - 1865
9. AJBryant - 1717
10. Wave Tossed - 1698

Top 10 posters after seven years:
1. Kitsuno - 8956
2. LTDomer - 4955
3. Tatsunoshi - 4609
4. Obenjo Kusanosuke - 4503
5. Shikisoku - 2418
6. Nagaeyari - 2333
7. Ashigaru - 1874
8. Msr. Iaidoka - 1865
9. AJBryant - 1781
10. Wave Tossed - 1698

Top 10 posters after eight years:
1. Kitsuno - 9290
2. LTDomer - 5288
3. Tatsunoshi - 4787
4. Obenjo Kusanosuke - 4524
5. Shikisoku - 2595
6. Nagaeyari - 2351
7. Ashigaru - 1874
8. Msr. Iaidoka - 1865
9. AJBryant - 1782
10. Lordameth - 1750

Miyamoto Musashi Twitter Retrospective

Posted by kitsuno (Shogun) at Jun 13 2015, 06:05 AM. One comment

In honor of the anniversary of the death of the most honorable bushido Samurai, Miyamoto Musashi, we'll be tweeting facts about his life today. Enjoy, and please join us in honoring him by tweeting your own #MiyamotoMusashiFacts!


Posted Image

Forum How To and Features

Posted by Samurai Archives Bot (Daimyo) at Mar 26 2015, 07:12 PM. 2 comments

Here are a few features available on the forum. Others will be added if/when I think of them, but please feel free to post questions here about any forum related features or how-to questions.

1. Add/Change avatar.
Hover over the "Preferences" menu on the upper right:

Posted Image

2. Tweet the link to any thread.
Click the "Tweet" button to the top left of the very first post in a thread.

Posted Image

3. Email a thread link to you or someone else.
Click the "Email Topic" link at the very bottom right of a thread.

Posted Image

4. Receive email notifications of new threads in a sub-forum
Click "Subscribe to this forum" on the bottom right of the screen in the sub-forum view.

Posted Image

5. Receive email notifications of thread responses
Click "Track Topic" on the lower right hand corner of the screen on any thread.

Posted Image


1. Make sure you are on the "Full Reply Screen".
2. Click the button that says "Upload Image", and choose the image you want to upload.
3. Write your post, and then click "Post Reply".
4. When you see your post after submitting, you will see your file linked at the bottom below "Attached to this post".
5. Click that link.
6. Copy the link of the image in the URL bar, and hit the back arrow when you're done.
7. Click "Edit" to edit your post.
8. Put the cursor where you want your image to appear, and click "Image" in the toolbar along the top of the post's text box.
9. Post the image URL you copied in to that box and click "OK".
10. Click "Edit Post", and now you'll see your post with your image in it.
*Note - the amount of time you have to edit your post depends on the Group you are a member of. The minimum amount of allotted time is 30 minutes. As your post count increases and you move to higher ranked groups, the allotted amount of time increases.

Podcast Release Schedule

Posted by kitsuno (Shogun) at Mar 21 2015, 05:37 PM. 12 comments

New Podcast episodes are normally released around the 5th and the 20th of each month. If you want to get an idea about upcoming episodes, keep an eye on this thread.

Currently the tentative release schedule is as follows (Some may be broken into two parts depending on length, etc.)

--Part two of Sex, Seduction, and Status - Women in Classical and Feudal Japan 4/3/2015

1. Martial Arts in the 21st Century with "Martial Thoughts" podcaster Jaredd Wilson
2. Orientalism and Academic Pitfalls with PhD Candidate Jesse Workman
3. Guns and Unification - a look at the Military Revolution theory applied to Japan's Sengoku period with A Short History of Japan's Cameron Foster.
4. "What If?" A look at the usefulness or lack thereof of asking "What if?" in History
5. The Bushido Myth - Nate and Jaredd Wilson talk Bushido - to be released on Jaredd Wilson's Martial Thoughts podcast first, and then released on the S-A podcast later.

Forum Updates

Posted by Samurai Archives Bot (Daimyo) at Mar 14 2015, 10:19 AM. 2 comments

All the old avatars and ranks are being slowly added to the forum. As sections/things are completed, this thread will be updated until it's all done. So if you have a favorite avatar from the old forum, it will be added eventually if it hasn't been already.


All of the "Actors" avatars have been uploaded here under "Samurai Men".
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