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The Shogun

Here are the sources I used for the 47 Ronin podcast (12/31/17 - or 12/29 for Patreon supporters). After this will be an episode on the punishment of the 47 Ronin, and a lot more of the sources will come into play.

Tales of Old Japan - Mitford

Seppuku - Andrew Rankin

The Revenge of the 47 Ronin - Turnbull

Ellgen, J. P. (2007). The Changing Significance of Seppuku in Tokugawa Japan (M.A. Humanities). California State University Dominguez Hills.

Masahide, B., & Smith, H. D. (2003). The Akō Incident, 1701-1703. Monumenta Nipponica, 58(2), 149–170.

Norinaga, M., & Marcon, F. (2003). The Story of the Loyal Samurai of Akō. Monumenta Nipponica, 58(4), 467–493.

Smith, H. (2006). The media and politics of Japanese popular history: The case of the Akō Gishi. Historical Consciousness, Historiography, and Modern Japanese Values. Retrieved from http://www.columbia.edu/~hds2/pdf/2006_Ako_Gishi_media_and_politics.pdf

Smith, H. D. (2003). The Capacity of Chūshingura: Three Hundred Years of Chūshingura. Monumenta Nipponica, 58(1), 1–42.

Smith, H. D., Ii. (2004). The Trouble with Terasaka: The Forty-Seventh Ronin and the Chushingura Imagination. J Apan Review, 16, 3–65.

Tochuken, K., & Smith, H. D. (2006). Parting in the Snow at Nanbuzaka, by TōchÅ«ken Kumoemon. Monumenta Nipponica, 61(4), 509–519.
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