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Nov 15 2017, 09:02 AM
Nov 14 2017, 08:25 PM
Any military strategists out there (Nate?) who can help fill in some information about the Aizu campaign at the end of the Boshin War?

Sorry, I haven't really studied it. To paraphrase a verbal comment by Michael Como at a recent conference, "anything after the [16th] century isn't history, it's journalism."
Haha, there's a difference? I wasn't really interested in post-Tokugawa Japan either. Then I got this gig. The editors came to me and asked what I thought about the original outline, which was originally set in 1877/Satsuma Rebellion. Unfortunately it was sort of a mashup of postwar modern and pre-Meiji feudal references. I recommended the switch to the Boshin War, which would allow for the sort of samurai fiction people are used to seeing, i.e., fewer armstrong cannons and more katsujinken. I also noted the modern anachronisms--one that springs to mind is someone buying mochiko (rice flour). Huh? Oh, another was shopping for clothing "off the rack" so to speak. At any rate, they asked me if I would like to write the story and well, here I am...

From a storytelling perspective, war makes for fun fiction because you have more leeway to bend/break the rules. And the ongoing conflict in the background provides lots of dramatic opportunities, e.g., Seven Samurai.
Nov 15 2017, 09:02 AM
P.S.--I just heard on the podcast, Nate mentioned Conlan's book, "Weapons & Fighting Techniques of the Samurai Warrior 1200-1877 AD." Anyone know if it includes information on the Aizu campaign?

Probably not in the level of detail you're looking for, but I can check tonight when I get home.

Thanks, I appreciate it! Posted Image
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